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Telefunken Desordenada

This "disorganised" variant of Telefunken was developed by Carla and Fernanda Basaure and contributed by Cindy Basaure.

The basic rules are the same as in Bolivian Telefunken. The key difference is that the first player who lays down a contract can choose any contract from the list of those available, and this sets the precedent for the contract that must be laid down by all the other players in that deal. As each contract is played, it is retired from the running, so one still plays the same number of hands.

An eigth contract is added so that the game consists of eight deals, rather than seven. The contracts are:

  • one pure set of equal 3 cards (trica limpia)
  • two sets of 3
  • one set of 4 (quadra)
  • two sets of 4
  • one set of 5 (quina)
  • two sets of 5
  • one set of 6 (sena)
  • one run (escalera) of 7 or more cards, of which only one card can be a joker

Because of the difficulty of making the contracts, eight "buys" are allowed instead of seven.

The course of the game can be quite unpredictable, especially if someone suddenly lays down an "escalera" just when you were getting ready to meld two "quinas".

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Last updated: 7th August 2009