Total War - card game rules

Total War

Contributed by Doug Caspian-Kaufman (

The game is played like War, splitting the deck between the two players. Each turn you look at the top card of your deck and announce whether you think you will win the trick or not (you don't get to see the other person's card, of course). Browbeating, bluffing, and psychology are encouraged at this point. There will be one of three results:

  1. You believe your opponent, in which case you hand him your card, face down. Both cards are set aside in that player's score pile.
  2. Your opponent believes you, in which case she hands you her card, face down. Both cards are set aside in your score pile.
  3. Neither of you is willing to give in, in which case there is a CHALLENGE.

To resolve the CHALLENGE, turn over both cards. The high card wins (Aces are high). Those cards are set aside Face Up in the winning player's score pile.

The game ends when one player has won three challenges; that player wins....OR When all cards are played. At that point, count all cards in your score pile. High total wins.

If a challenge ends in a tie, go to the next trick; winner of the trick wins the tied cards as well, as in regular war.

Last updated: 15th November 1997