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Water Sharks

Contributed by Ashleigh Welko and Emily Furillo (awelko@neo.rr.com)

Each player is dealt ten cards from the deck. Five of them are placed face down in a row in front of the player, while the other cards are held in the hand. The players look at the cards in their hands.

The players then place each card face up under a card in the row and either slightly above or below, depending on whether they think that the card is higher or lower then the card in the row. For example, if there was a queen in your hand, it would be wise to guess that that card was higher than the one lying face down over it. In this game, aces are the lowest card and kings are the highest.

Whoever gets the most correct guesses wins. In case of a tie, each player is dealt four cards, two for their hand and two in a row. If the tie is still not broken the players go down to two cards. This is repeated until a winner is decided.

Home Page > Invented Games > Water Sharks
Last updated: 13th October 2003