Card Games: Last Trick Group

Card Games: Last Trick Group

These are trick taking games where the whole or main object is focussed on the last trick. Generally these games have no trumps, which can make the last trick objective quite interesting, requiring accurate timing. In the following games an objective is to win the last trick:

  • Toepen - a Dutch game with opportunities for raising the stake and dropping out. Also its German variant Siwweschrööm.
  • Chicago - a Swedish game which also has an element of collecting poker hands.
  • Bieten - a game from the Austrian Tyrol, in which players bet on having high cards and combinations as well as on the last trick.
  • Spar - a game from Ghana, possibly derived from the Scandinavian game Femkort. Also Sipa, a similar game played in Togo, and Agram, a similar game played in Niger and Mali.

There are also games where the object is to avoid winning the last trick. Often, these games not only have no trumps, but suits are ignored altogether.

  • Cucumber is played various versions in several North European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Poland.
  • Krypkille, played in Sweden with the one-suited Kille pack, is similar to Cucumber.
  • 22 is a related game with multiple tricks, found in North America.
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