Card Games: Marriage Group

This is a large subgroup of the ace-ten group of point-trick games. In these games there is a bonus for having the king and queen of one suit in your hand - typically 40 if the suit is trumps and 20 if it is a non-trump suit. When French-suited cards are used this combination is often called a marriage or a bela. In games that use German suited cards the scoring combination is the king and over-knave; with Spanish cards it is the king and horse. In these games there is very often a further bonus for winning the last trick, typically 10 points.

I also include in the marriage group games which allow further bonuses for other combinations of cards in hand; Bezique and Pinochle include scores for 4 of a kind, trump sequence, and the special combination of spadeQ and diamondJ

The Jass group is another subgroup of marriage games, with scores for suit sequences and for four of a kind, and with the special characteristic that the jack and nine of trumps are promoted to be the highest cards.

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