Card games in Algeria

Thierry Depaulis writes:

I have just found an article entitled "Id irar Wargren / Jeux à Ouargla" (by Jean Delheure, in Wargli Kabyle and French...), published in Awal: Cahiers d'Etudes Berbères, 6-7, 1990.

There the author says the men play with Spanish-suited cards at: ronda, bezga, qezzet, nufi and chkoubba.

Ronda and Chkoubba are no surprise, (Ronda is a fishing game, also played in Morocco; Chkouba is a version of Scopa) but the author does not say what the other card games are. Nufi and Bezga must be the same as the Moroccan games 'Nouffi' and 'El Bazga'.

Ouargla is situated in East-Central Algeria. It is the capital of the "wilaya" of the same name.

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