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Card games in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Veselko Kelava has provided the following information:

A version of Briškula is played using a 32-card pack: A-10-K-Q-J-9-8-7 in each suit.

Žandari is a fishing game played with a standard 52 card pack, with scores for most cards, most clubs, 2 of clubs and 10 of diamonds, in which a Jack can take all the cards from the table.

Bela is a popular game of the Jass family.

As in many countries, Texas Hold'em Poker has been popular since the end of the 20th century.

Sedmice is a game in which tricks are won by an equal card or a seven, closely related to the Hungarian game Zsíros, and also played in other countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Osmice (eights) is the local version of Crazy Eights, and confusingly some people now also call this game 'Sedmice'.

Two forms of Rummy are played: Otvoreni Remi (Open Rummy), Zatvoreni Remi (Closed Rummy).

Vatra (Fire) is a variation of Pig.

Tać is a two-player game related to Pishe Pasha.

Ajnc (from german Eins, meaning "one") is a Blackjack-like banking game.

A version of Schnaps is played.

A version of Draw Poker is played, usually with a 32-card deck if there are 4 or fewer players.

Crna Dama (black lady), also known as Crni Petar (black Peter), is a version of Old Maid.

Magarac (Jackass) is a name that can refer to a variant of Pig very similar to Vatra. It is also sometimes used as an alternative name for Crna Dama, and it is also the name of a game in which players take turns to remove cards from an untidy pile without destroying a Λ-shaped 'house' of two cards which is balanced on top of the pile.

A few people play the Croatian games Raub and Treseta (a version of Tressette).

There are reports of a game called Suster using 52-cards, but as yet we do not know what sort of game this is.

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