Card games in Bulgaria

Thanks to Alexander Vissokomogilski and Ivan Derzhanski for the information on which this page is based.

Belot (Bridzh-Belot) is the most popular game - a version of the French game Belote, for 2, 3 or 4 players, with 'no trump' and 'all trump' bids.

Santase is a variant of 66 or Schnapsen, for two players.

Trupa is a 3-handed version of 66.

3-5-8 is a game with 52 cards in which the three players have objectives to win 3, 5 and 8 tricks respectively.

Donka - or Cherna Donka (Black Lady) - is the Bulgarian version of Hearts.

Whist - but Bulgarian Whist is actually a Compendium game.

Tablanet is a fishing game for two players, which is less popular nowadays than it used to be. It superseded the similar game Konchina, which was popular in coffee houses in the 19th century.

Bridge and Canasta are also played.

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