Card games in Croatia

French suited cards are in general use, alongside the 32-card German suited William Tell pattern pack and in some areas the 40-card Italian suited pack.

  • Bela, also known as Belot is a game played with 32 cards, similar to the French game Belote.
  • Schnaps is the Croatian equibalent of the German and Austrian games of 66 or Schnapsen.
  • Remi is a Rummy game somewhat similar to Kaluki. Otvoreni Remi (Open Rummy) is a manipulation game similar to Vatikan.
  • Tablić is a fishing game played with 52 French suited cards.
  • The Croatian form of Preference is usually played with 32 card German suited pack
  • Raub is a game of the Rams group, also played with 32 German suited cards.
  • Sedmice, also known as Šuster, is a game in which tricks are won by an equal card or a seven, closely related to the Hungarian game Zsíros, and also played in other countries of the former Yugoslavia.
  • Lora is a compendium game, also played in Serbia and related to the Hungarian game Lórum.

The Adriatic coast of Croatia has been influenced by Venetian and later by Italian culture, and the games there tend to use the Italian suited 40 card pack, lacking 8's, 9's and 10's.

  • Briškula is the Croatian equivalent of the Italian game Briscola.
  • Trešeta (known in Dubrovnik as Treseta) is the Croatian version of the Italian game Tressette.
  • In Dalmatia, they play Kifameno - a reverse version of Tressette, very similar to Rovescino or Ciapanò. The name comes from the Italian "Chi fa meno", meaning "who makes least [points]". It is also known as Ko manje, which is the Croatian translation of this.
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