Eastern Farsi Card-Playing Glossary

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Written Form Dictionary
betrinu بترينو    
  بترونو betrônô вид азартной карточной игры
chor voli چهار والي čahâr wâli four governors
fis kut فيس كوت fis kôt fis means ‘price’
kut كوت kôt (too many meanings)
bovand باوند    
teka تيكه tika contract
ter تير têr through (weak pass)
bekhi ter بيحي تير bêxi têr completely through
pas پاس   pass (strong pass)

Informant’s pronunciation:

  • Vowels and r are pronounced as in Spanish, except u, which sounds like English u in put.
  • ch = English ch.
  • kh = German ch.
  • Persian v is neither v, nor w:  it is a labiodental approximant (IPA [υ]).

Dictionary consulted

  • Куселева, Лидия Николаевна & Миколайчик, Владимир Иосифович. 1986. Дари-русский словарь: 21000 слов. Москва: Русский язык.
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