Card games in Greece

French suited cards are in general use. Some popular games include:

  • Diloti - a fishing game, somewhat similar to Casino.
  • Kontsina (also known as Koltsina) - a simpler fishing game.
  • Xeri - another fishing game in which the cards are played in a single pile, captured by matching its top card.
  • Biriba - a two pack rummy game in which the aim is to make "biribas", which are sets of at least seven cards of the same rank or seven cards in sequence in suit.
  • Koum-kan - sometimes written Kum-kan or Kun Kan - is a two deck rummy game in which each player is dealt 11 cards.
  • Thanassis is another Rummy variation.
  • Prefa - a variation of Preference, highly valued among university students and old village people!
  • Eksintaeksi (66) - the Greek version of the German game of 66.
  • Agonia (Agony) is the Greek version of Crazy Eights, as usual with lots of variations.
  • Koupes, the Greek version of Hearts is becoming more and more popular lately, mostly among younger people.
  • Mpourloto - similar to the French game Belote, played with 32 cards. Pilotta is a related game played in Cyprus. Vida is a more complex version with bidding by points, played in mainly Northern Greece (around Thessaloniki).
  • 31 is a light-hearted gambling game traditionally played at New Year's Eve parties.

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