Card and domino games in Indonesia

Truf is a four-player trick-taking game played with the international 52-card pack. It can be played individually, or between two partnerships. All the cards are dealt. In the individual game, each player bids, using a card from their hand to indicate the number of tricks and proposed trump suit. During the play, trumps are played face down and revealed only at the end of the trick.

The game known as Omben (in Javanese) or Minuman (in Indonesian) isa two-player game related to related to Go Fish. The English translation for its name is "Drink".

Capsa Banting is a game related to the Chinese game Big Two, but in which four of a kind or straight flush can be played as a "bomb" on a single two.

Capsa Susun is a game similar to Chinese Poker.

Empat Satu (41) is a draw and discard game in which each player has four cards and the aim is to collect four cards of the same suit, 41 being the highest possible score.

Remi is an Indonesian form of Rummy in which up to three cards can be taken from the discard pile if the deepest card can be melded. The first meld made by a player must be a run; thereafter sets are also possible. Points are scored for runs and sets and deducted for unmatched cards.

Main Merah is the Indonesian version of the fishing game Chinese Ten.

Cangkul is a kind of trick-taking game in which a player who is unable to follow suit has to draw cards untiol able to do so.

Joker Karo is a game from Northern Sumatra using a double deck of 2×52 cards plus 4 Jokers in which players try to get rid of their cards by laying them down in rummy-like combinations.

Gaple is a block domino game played with a double-6 set of dominoes, usually played by four or five people. In some versions a player who is unable to play must discard a tile whose value will count against them.

Milo is a partnership domino game for four players.

QiuQiu, also known as KiuKiu, is a domino game related to the Chinese game Pai Gow.

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