Card games in Lebanon

The standard 52 card pack is used for:

  • Basra - a fishing game
  • 41 - a plain-trick partnership game for four players with hearts as a permanent trump suit. The players bid the number of tricks they will take and score if they take at least that number.
  • Tarneeb - a game for four players in fixed partnerships. Players bid according to the number of tricks they think their team can take and the highest bidder chooses trumps.
  • Banakil is an 18-card double deck Rummy game in which twos and jokers are wild.
  • Pinacle and 14 are also games of the Rummy family.
  • Trex (also known as Tricks or Trix) is a compendium game in which the five contracts are No Tricks, No Queens, No Diamonds, No King of Hearts and Dominoes from the Jack.
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