Card games in Luxembourg

Although some German and Belgian games are played, Luxembourg also has its own card game tradition. It seems that the characteristic games are:

  • Mënsch - which is similar to the Canadian game Mensch - the Canadian game must be derived from the Luxembourg version.
  • Kujong is a version of the Belgian game Couillon - a point-trick game with the card values ace=4, king=3, queen=2, jack=1.
  • Konter a Midd or Konter a Matt is a more complex game of the same family in which the queens of spades, hearts and diamonds are added to the trump suit. A description of Konter a Matt is available on Wikipedia in Lëtzebuergesch and English.
  • Kuller and Trijhak are mentioned in some encyclopedias: Kuller may well be another name for Kujong.
  • Zwéck is a gambling game in which three cards are dealt to each player - almost certainly a version of the German / Austrian game Zwicken.

Schëppen Damm (Queen of Spades) is the Lëtzebuergesch name for the game of Hearts.

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