National and regional card games: Pakistan

Card games in Pakistan

This page is based on information from Dr Kamran Dodhy and Anwar Mustafa.

In Pakistan the standard 52 card pack is in general use. Popular games include:

  • Seep - a fishing game related to Casino but with important differences: all the cards are dealt at the start and the scores are: 12 for the diamond10, 9 for the spade9, 1 for the spade2, 1 for each ace and 4 for the majority of cards. Kings, queens and jacks have capture values of 13, 12 and 11, and builds are only allowed for a value of at least 9.
  • Rang or Rung or Trumps - a whist-like plain-trick game for four players in fixed partnerships, in which a player chooses trumps on the basis of the first five cards dealt
  • Double Sir or Double Trumps - an interesting variation of Trumps, in which tricks are only captured when the same player wins two tricks in succession.
  • Hidden Rung - a variant of Rung in which the trump suit is chosen secretly and revealed only later in the play.
  • Rummy, also known as Kharr Wanj - I do not know which kind of Rummy this is - maybe similar to Indian Rummy.
  • 3-2-5 is a 3-player game played with only 30 cards in which each player has a different quota of tricks to win.
  • Dummy is a plain trick game with bidding for three players. Each receives 13 cards and 13 are dealt to a dummy hand that belongs to the highest bidder.
  • Getaway, also known as Bhabhi, as played in the Punjab.

Some other less widespread card games played are:

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