Card Games in Tonga

This page is based on information from Vanessa King.

Talamu is a form of Whist - a game for four players in partnerships using an international 52-card pack. One of the dealer's 13 cards is flipped to determine the trump suit, known as lanu. The player to dealer's left leads, players must follow suit if possible, otherwise playing any card, and the winner of each trick leads to the next. Lanu (trumps) cannot be led until the suit is 'broken' by a player trumping a non-trump trick or until a player has no other cards to lead. There is no scoring. Play ends when a team wins by taking 7 tricks.

Last Kaati (Last Card) is a version of Crazy Eights in which Aces change suit, Sevens skip the next player, and Twos cause the next player to draw two cards.

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