Card games in Uzbekistan

Jeffrey Olson's article in the August 1999 issue of the American magazine "Games" mentions two card games that are popular in Uzebkistan:

  • The Russian game Durak
  • Pirra - a fishing game related to Casino; the name of the game means "full". A short description is included in the article.

Alexey Lobashev reports that Besh ko'tar (pick up five) is a beating game in which a player who is unable or unwilling to beat the last card played picks up the five cards that are under this card, but not the unbeaten card itself unless five or fewer cards remain in the play pile.

The Uzbek dictionary Zangora Kema lists Pirra and two other card games

  • beshko'tarar - presumably the same as Besh ko'tar but unhelpfully defined by the dictionary as "a card game played by distributing cards in fives".
  • gulchinor (Persian) - name of a card game.

I have no further information about either of these games.

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