Card Games: Miscellaneous Point Trick Games

In this group I have collected some point trick games which do not at present seem to fit into any of particular group. Some of these games may be formed into new categories if other related games are found.

  • Gleek - a seventeenth century game with point values for certain trumps
  • Cucco (or Cöch) and Zifuli - Italian point trick games using cuckoo cards
  • Texas Forty-two - a trick taking game using dominoes: the scoring tiles are those whose spots total 5 or 10.
  • Kaiser - a Canadian game, of uncertain origin, with a point for each trick and one bonus card and one penalty card.
  • Penneech - a seventeenth century game in which the trump suit changes for every trick.
  • Yukon - another possibly Canadian game, with high-scoring jacks.
  • Calypso - each player has a different trump suit, and cards won in tricks are collected with the aim of completing 13-card sequences.
  • Dehla Pakad and Mendikot - two Indian games in which the tens are the only counting cards.