Russian Preferans

Preference is one of the most widespread card games among serious card players in Russia. There are four main varieties: Sochi Preferans, Leningrad Preferans, Classic Preferans and Rostov (or Moscow) Preferans, and many smaller variations within these. The rules for all of these types will eventually be given on this page.

Meanwhile, here are some links to other Preference pages, some of which are in Russian.

  • Dmitry Lesnoy has published rules of Preferans and a Preferans Codex with detailed regulations.
  • Stefan Mashkevich's PrefPage (archive copy)
  • Russian Preference can be played online at The author tells me that this version supports webcams and microphones and can be played through a firewall.
  • Russian Preference can be played online at Tabletopia.

Preference is also played, in rather different forms, in other European countries. For examples, see the pages on:

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