Card Games: Put Group

This is a very old group of trick taking games. Suits are ignored and the trick is taken by the highest ranking card. If two equally high cards are played by opponents, the trick is tied and belongs to no one. In the basic games of this type, only three cards are dealt. In the modern South American game Truco, it is also possible to score for and bet on combinations of cards held in hand. In the French game Aluette, the hands have been increased in size to nine cards.

  • Put - the old English game
  • Truc - the modern successor, played in parts of France and Spain
  • Vitou - a related game played in and around Nice, and in some parts of Italy and Switzerland.
  • Truco - the popular South American descendant. Different versions are played in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and other south American countries.
  • Aluette - French game played with 9-card hands
  • Tronfetti - a four-player partnership game from the Italian Veneto in which the ranking order of the cards is freely chosen by the players.

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