Card Games: Tressette Group

Tressette and its relatives are played mostly in Italy. They are unusual among positive point trick games in that there are usually no trumps. The card ranking, with the three high, is also distinctive: 3 2 A K C J 7 6 5 4. The card values are 1 point for an ace, and 1/3 point for 3's, 2's and pictures, plus 1 for the last trick.

  • Tressette - fixed partnership game for four players
  • Terziglio / Calabresella - three player game
  • Mediatore - four-player game with variable partnerships
  • Spizzichino - two-player game
  • Ciapanò - a reverse game also known as Traversone, Rovescino, Vinciperdi, etc., and with variants Busca and Mattazza.
  • Beccaccino-Marafon - similar to Tressette but with trumps
  • Trionfo - a 5-player variant of Beccaccino
  • Les Quatre Sept, also known as La Politaine or La Poule is a 32-card variant played in Canada, using the 10 and 9 as highest cards in place of the 3 and 2.
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