Contributed by Justin Kohli ( © 1998

# of players: 2


  1. Each player picks a LEADER of the army, KING, QUEEN, or JACK. You place this card on the above your army cards.

  2. Each player rolls a dice or 2 and whoever has the HIGHEST # picks cards 1st in the whole game.
    PLAYER with the highest # picks 4 cards off the top of the deck. Then the other player. These are you army (cards). You place these below your LEADER (k,Q,J).

  3. The person who had the highest dice roll # picks 1 card off the top of the deck, then the next player. Whoever has the lowest # loes 2 health points. (out of 100)

  4. Keep track of the health by writing...
             PLAYER A (name)                    PLAYER B (name)
                (leader)                           (leader)
                  100  <-------health points-------> 100
    (write a line down the middle of the page, and divide page in to equal lines. This is where you write down the # 2 for each health point lost for that person.)

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Last updated 13th August 1998