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Cal's BS

This variation of I Doubt It was developed by Calvin Yoshitake in 1975 and contributed by his son Aaron Yoshitake The author wrote: "This is an extremely fun, lot of laughing, fast, and easy game to learn. It takes more psychology and strategy to win than luck. Game has 5 basic rules and 4 other rules. One hand lasts 4-10 minutes."

Number of Players: 3 to 7, aged 5 to 100

Cards: one standard deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers (jokers are wild).

  1. The lead player must place 1-6 cards face down, in a pile in the center. He declares the true number of cards placed and declares the rank that he claims the cards to be - for example "4 sevens", "1 jack", "6 kings". (The wild jokers make it possible to play up to six cards of a rank.)
  2. The other players play in no particular order. Any other player can:
    1. Pass
    2. Place 1-6 cards face down, on top of the pile, declare the true number of cards played and declare the same rank of card as was previously played.
    3. Doubt the last played set of cards.
    If the cards are doubted, the one who is wrong takes the entire pile and the one who is right becomes the new lead player.
  3. Step 2 is repeated until the pile is taken and the player who is right repeats step 1.
  4. A player cannot place card(s) directly on top of his last placed set of cards unless all the others pass. If all other players pass, then the last player who placed cards becomes the lead player, goes back to step 1 and may change the rank of cards played.
  5. The winner is the player who goes out (gets rid of all his cards). He does this by turning his last cards face up - they must be the correct rank. The lead player can go out with any rank of cards, provided that all his cards are the same rank.

Other rules:


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