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Rules for
Hebrac's Dungeon
The RPG Card Game

for one player

By Luc Miron

Welcome! This page describes the rules of a card game that I created years ago. The length of this text might give you the impression that it's a complicated game, but as you will see, the basic rules are quite simple. You may come across similar card games elsewhere, but I must say that I created this game without drawing any inspiration from any other card game. I hope that my game will provide you with hours of fun!

Table of contents

Object of the game
Required material
Preparation of the game
Main rules
Enemy cards
Treasure cards
Rules for battles
Rules for trading with other adventurers
Value of treasure cards for a black magic priestess
Game variations


Many entered, but few ever came out alive. Looking down from his sky palace, Hebrac, the legendary sorcerer, keeps on tempting mankind with the Dungeon that he created with his unrivaled magical powers.

This Dungeon, which began as a simple exercise of Hebrac to relieve his boredom, became a deadly game where the players are the most courageous adventurers of the world, and the goal of this game is to find the four magical treasures that would turn their owner into one of the most famous heroes in history.

But the road to glory is dominated by the blood-thirsty creatures that inhabit the Dungeon. Only the strongest, smartest and most courageous can ever hope to survive the many battles and traps that await them.

Armed with a sword, an empty bag and a strong level of vitality - which you acquired after many years of intense training - you are now at the entrance of the Dungeon, after a long trip. What adventures will you live through in the Dungeon?

Object of the game

To find the four magical treasures, namely the four aces (of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs).

Required material

Two (or more) decks of cards (jokers are not really required, but having them is preferable), a piece of paper and a pencil. It is recommended to play on a large table, like a kitchen table, for instance. You should also keep a copy of the rules close by, as a reference tool.

Preparation of the game

Write down 15 at the top of the piece of paper. This will be your maximum number of life points, and you cannot exceed this maximum during the game, unless you find the Ruby of Gaza (the ace of hearts) or a Genie of Life (the king of hearts) which increase this maximum.

Shuffle the cards, then place three rows of four cards on the table, face down, like this:

Place a second card, face down, over each of the 12 cards already on the table, like this:

Keep the rest of the cards in your hands, face down also, or place them in front of you, on the table, in a single pile. This stack of cards will be called the Hand Deck for the remainder of this text.

Main rules

Each pair of cards represents a chamber of the Dungeon. The bottom card is the treasure located in the chamber, and the top card is the human or creature that guards the treasure.

NOTE: Start by selecting one of the four corners of the Dungeon. Turn the enemy card over to see the opponent (if applicable) who is waiting for you in the chamber. Through a battle, a trade or another action, your goal is to acquire the treasure in the chamber. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to turn over (or to take) the treasure card until the character guarding the treasure is permanently out of your way (unless you use the Stealing Spirit or God Vision spells - see the "Spells" section for further details).

Once you've cleared the chamber and grabbed the treasure, you can only move to a chamber next to the current chamber, or to a chamber which is adjacent to a chamber you've already visited. Once all the chambers have been cleared, you must continue your journey by placing 24 new cards on the table (12 treasures and 12 enemies).

NOTES: The game ends as soon as you find the four aces, or when you've lost all your life points, which means death.

Enemy cards

When you venture into a new chamber, by flipping over the enemy card of the chamber, YOU CANNOT FLEE. Unless you use an Escape spell or a Stealing Spirit spell, you MUST deal with the character inside the chamber and take the treasure card.

Most of the characters that you will encounter are creatures who will fight you without mercy. However, certain characters can be dealt with without having to attack them. Here is the complete list of all the enemy cards:

Ace 2 to 10 of spades 2 to 10 of hearts 2 to 10 of clubs 2 to 10 of diamonds Jacks Black queens Red queens Kings Joker

Treasure Cards

Each treasure card that you find is added to your inventory. These items can be useful in many situations. Here is the list of all the treasures, and what you can do with them.

Ace of hearts: The Ruby of Gaza
Price: 12 gems Ace of diamonds: The Bag of Meres
Price: 12 gems Ace of spades: The Bracelet of Armok
Price: 12 gems Ace of clubs: The Scepter of Leynos
Price: 12 gems SPECIAL NOTE CONCERNING THE ACES: Since this game requires at least two decks of cards, you may find an ace (as a treasure card) that you already have in your inventory. If this happens, you must consider the second ace to be a fake, and place it immediately under your Hand Deck. The other ace stays in your inventory.

2 to 10 of hearts: Life potions
Price: 1 gem per life point 2 to 10 of diamonds: Gems
Price: N/A 2 to 10 of spades: Strength potions
Price: 1 gem per strength point 2 to 10 of clubs: Magic potions
Price: 2 gems per magic point Jacks: Prisoners
Price: 8 gems Red Queens: White Magic Priestesses
Price: 9 gems Black Queens: Black Magic Priestesses
Price: N/A King of hearts: Genie of Life
Price: 10 gems King of diamonds: Genie of Luck
Price: 10 gems King of spades: Genie of Death
Price: 10 gems King of clubs: Genie of Destiny
Price: 10 gems Joker: Hebrac the sorcerer
Price: 2 gems

Rules for battles

When you engage in battle with an enemy, the number on the enemy card corresponds to his total of life points. For example, a 5 of spades is a warrior with 5 life points. (Reminder: All adventurers (a.k.a. the jacks) have 10 life points).

To attack, flip the card of top of your Hand Deck. This is your attack card. Kings, queens, jacks and jokers are worth 10 points each, aces are worth 1 point, and all other cards have the value printed on them (for example, a 6 of spades is worth 6 points).

If the value of your attack card is equal or greater than the enemy's life points, you win the battle, and you can then place the enemy card (as well as the attack card) under your Hand Deck, and take the treasure card as a reward.

However, if the value of your attack card is less than the total of life points of the enemy, you must subtract the difference of points from your own life points. Here's an example: You're fighting a demon that has 6 life points. If you draw a 4 of hearts as attack card, you must subtract 2 points from your total of life points (6 - 4 = 2). Place the attack card under your Hand Deck before engaging the next round of battle.

You must continue the battle until the enemy is defeated, or until you lose all your life points.

If the enemy is too strong for you, you can use your treasure cards to tip the balance of power in your favor. See the "Treasure Cards" section for further details. (Reminder: You can only use one spell during a battle.)


Usually, the art of sorcery is not the strong suit of adventurers. It is rather reserved for magicians and certain magical creatures. However, an adventurer can perform spells with the help of magic potions. During your years of training, you were initiated to the secret ways of magic, and you learned some spells which should come in handy in Hebrac's Dungeon.

Magic potions are the cards of clubs (2 to 10 of clubs) in your inventory of treasure cards. The number on the card indicates the level of power of the potion. With a single potion, or by combining potions together, you can accumulate enough magic power to perform impressive spells, and when the spell's action is over, you must place the used-up card(s) of clubs under your Hand Deck.

You don't need to have the EXACT amount of magic points to do a particular spell. For example, you can use an 8 of clubs to perform a Stealing Spirit spell, which normally requires only 6 magic points. However, in that case, the magic points that you don't use are lost.

You can also combine magic potions together to perform a spell. For example, you can combine a 3 of clubs with a 5 of clubs to perform a Levitation spell (which requires 8 magic points). In fact, you need to combine magic potions in order to perform the most powerful spells.

Certain spells can be used at any time, while certain others can only be performed during specific situations. Furthermore, you can only perform ONE spell during the entire duration of a battle. The available spells are described below.

Remote Vision spell
1 magic point Future Perception spell
1 magic point Healing spell
2 magic points Escape spell
3 magic points Illusion spell
4 magic points Paralysis spell
4 magic points Double Attack spell
4 magic points Super Strength spell
5 magic points Anti-Magic spell
5 magic points Stealing Spirit spell
6 magic points Body Switch spell
7 magic points Teleport spell
8 magic points Revelation spell
9 magic points Hell Bomb spell
9 magic points Curse spell
10 magic points Genie of Luck spell
11 magic points Stone Statue spell
15 magic points God Vision spell
15 magic points

Rules for trading with other adventurers

Usually, adventurers are always open to trading, especially if this allows them to avoid useless battles. To engage in a trade, start by flipping the treasure card guarded by the adventurer.

Note that YOU CAN NO LONGER ATTACK the adventurer (or perform a Stealing Spirit spell) once the adventurer's treasure card is revealed. On the other hand, you can refuse to do the trade if his treasure card doesn't interest you. In this case, you must place the treasure card and the enemy card under your Hand Deck, and continue your journey.

For a trade to be possible, you must offer a treasure of equal or greater value. You can, for example, trade a 5 of clubs to obtain a 5 of hearts. You can also combine your treasure cards to match the value of the adventurer's treasure: For example, To acquire a strength potion of 6 points (a 6 of spades), you can offer a 2 of hearts with a 4 of clubs (2 + 4 = 6).

If you truly want to have the adventurer's treasure, but cannot do an equal trade, you can also offer one or more treasure cards to add up a total that is superior to the value of the adventurer's treasure. For example, you can offer an 8 of spades to get a 6 of clubs, or offer a 3 of hearts combined with a 6 of diamonds to obtain a 7 of hearts.

SPECIAL CASE: If the adventurer's treasure card is an ace, then trading is not possible, because the adventurer wants to keep the treasure to himself, which is quite understandable.

SPECIAL CASE: If the adventurer's treasure card is a prisoner (a jack), then the value of this prisoner is 8.

SPECIAL CASE: If the adventurer's treasure card is a queen of hearts of a queen of diamonds (in other words, a white magic priestess), the value of the priestess is 9. If you acquire the priestess, you must use the card immediately, as described in the "Treasure Cards" section.

SPECIAL CASE: If the adventurer's treasure card is a queen of spades or a queen of clubs (in other words, a black magic priestess), trading is impossible, because no one in his right mind would want a black magic priestess, not even you!

SPECIAL CASE: If the adventurer's treasure card is a king (in other words, a genie), then the value of this genie is 10. If you acquire the genie, you must use the card immediately, as described in the "Treasure Cards" section.

SPECIAL CASE: If the adventurer's treasure card is a joker (in other words, Hebrac the sorcerer), then the value of the sorcerer is 2. Note that if you acquire the joker through a trade, you must IMMEDIATELY choose to play Hebrac's game or not (Read the paragraph about the joker in the "Treasure Cards" section for more details) before you can continue on your way.

Once the trade is done, you must place the enemy card, as well as the treasure card(s) that you gave to the adventurer, under your Hand Deck. Add the treasure card which you acquired from the adventurer to your inventory (unless it's a queen, a king of a joker) and continue your journey.

Value of treasure cards for a black magic priestess

The treasure cards are placed in order of priority in the list below. Use this list to identify which treasure you must abandon to the black magic priestess, when you meet one.

1 - Ace of diamonds
2 - Ace of hearts
3 - Ace of clubs
4 - Ace of spades
5 - 10 of diamonds
6 - 9 of diamonds
7 - 8 of diamonds
8 - 10 of hearts
9 - 9 of hearts
10 - 7 of diamonds
11 - 10 of clubs
12 - 9 of clubs
13 - 10 of spades
14 - 9 of spades
15 - 8 of hearts
16 - 8 of clubs
17 - 6 of diamonds
18 - 7 of hearts
19 - 8 of spades
20 - 7 of clubs
21 - 7 of spades
22 - 5 of diamonds
23 - 6 of clubs
24 - 6 of hearts
25 - 6 of spades
26 - 5 of hearts
27 - 5 of clubs
28 - 5 of spades
29 - 4 of diamonds
30 - 4 of hearts
31 - 4 of clubs
32 - 3 of diamonds
33 - 2 of diamonds
34 - 3 of hearts
35 - 2 of hearts
36 - 3 of clubs
37 - 2 of clubs
38 - 4 of spades
39 - 3 of spades
40 - 2 of spades

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prisoners (jacks) cannot be stolen by a black magic priestess.


  • Keep your strength potion for battles with strong enemies.

  • Storing magic points to perform Revelation or God Vision spells is never a bad idea, since they can help you avoid trouble. However, all the spells have their usefulness. It's up to you to use your magic points judiciously, and you might have more fun with the game if you use the full range of spells at your disposal.

  • It's not a good idea to do trades with other adventurers when you don't have many items in your inventory, especially if you can't do equitable trades.

    Game variations

    Not every level of the Dungeon needs to have 12 chambers. You can increase the number of chambers if you want, but it is recommended not to have less than 12 chambers (so as not to make the game too easy).

    To increase the difficulty of the game, you can limit the number of treasure cards that you can have in your inventory. With this added rule, you must drop one of your treasures each time you reach this limit.

    Another possibility, this time to make the game easier, would be to allow the use of strength potions AFTER doing an attack, to complete the number of hit points required to defeat an enemy. This is not very logical, but it can make the game a little more fun.

    Here's another idea: If you consider yourself to be a somewhat evil adventurer, you can allow yourself to attack another adventurer (or to use a Stealing Spirit spell) even if you've turned around his treasure card for trading purposes. In other words, you can fake a trade, and attack the adventurer if you're interested enough in his treasure but don't want to give up any of your own treasures. However, you must choose your alignment at the beginning of the game: If you choose to be a good-natured adventurer, you must do so for the entire duration of the game.

    The best way to adjust the overall difficulty of the game is to increase or decrease your maximum number of life points, 15 being a medium number.

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