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Jokers Kill

Contributed by Trevin Cowman

This game for two or more players requires one standard 52-card pack and a pencil and paper for scorekeeping. There are two variations of the game, With Jokers and Without Jokers.

Without Jokers

Players: 2 or more

Each player is dealt one card face down. One card is then placed face up on the table.


When a hand is won, the winning player collects the cards played in that hand and makes a Prize Pile.

Game is played until the entire deck is dealt, or as many as can be are dealt evenly.

After all cards are dealt, each player searches their Prize Pile for the following Bonus Cards:

Each player than adds all their points. The player with the most points is declared the winner.

In the event of 2 or more players tying, the deck is reshuffled and a new game is played between these players. The first to win 3 hands in this new game is the winner.

With Jokers

All rules are the same except:

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Last updated 11th February 2004