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Wee Madame

Contributed by Nick Trupia (

Use a 52 card deck or multiple decks if there are a lot of people.

Deal out all the cards (nobody can look at their cards) and the object is to get every card.

Left of Dealer starts by flipping their top card with their left hand into the center of the table. The next player does the same and so on.

Certain cards require actions when flipped. The player who performs the action first gets the pile of center cards - the flipped card and all cards under it.

For example:   Player ABCDEF

At the moment player D flips his 8, players will all slap for the card. Whoever's hand is directly on the card wins the two eights and all the cards under them. Then as Player E flips her King players will all salute and the first to salute will get the King (there are no cards under it because they were all taken the turn before).

Variations for drinking

Notes on drinking:

This game gets fun by the end of the second or third game when people start getting drunk. They begin to confuse what you have to do for kings, jack, and queens. They smack themselves in the face instead of soluting, or sometimes they try to smack for a queen etc.. People make complete fools out of themselves once they begin to get drunk.

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Last updated 14th September 2003