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Miscellaneous Domino Games

Dominoes can be used for many different types of game. The categories used on pagat.com are set out on the Domino Games page, but as with any classification system, there are games that do not fit well into any of these categories. Some are adaptations of cards games such as Poker, Pelmanism and War, some are simulations of sports and some have the character of board games in which the pieces are moved around by the players.

Here is a list of miscellaneous domino games whose rules can be found on pagat.com.

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Concentration Dominoes 2–4, 5–7  [6:6]
Divide and Conquer 2  [6:6]
Domino Golf 2–5  [12:12]
Domino Poker 2–4  [6:6]
Freeze Out Dominoes 2–4, 5–7  [6:6]
Sap Ng Wu 十五湖 3, 4  84
Stratego Dominoes 2  [6:6]×2

Notes on the indexes

Invented games, mostly submitted by readers of pagat.com, are listed in italics.

The preferred number of players is shown in bold. Other numbers with which it is possible to play are shown in grey.
Western domino sets are indicated by the highest number of pips on a tile end - for example [6:6] is a standard double 6 set of 28 tiles, [12:12] is a set of 91 tiles with up to 12 pips on each end. The symbol [C32] stands for a Chinese set of 32 tiles.
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