7 minus 7

A variation of 7-27, contributed by Brian Johnson .

The rules and card values are the same as 7-27: 2 to 10 are face value, aces 1 or 11 and pictures ½, but in this game black cards have a positive value and red cards have a negative value.

The dealer deals to the players – 1 card face up and on 1 face down or 2 face down cards, depending on the dealers choice. For example:

  • Player one club2, diamondQ =  1½ black (+2 –½)
  • Player two spade10, heart4 = 6 black (+10 –4)
  • Player three heart9, clubA = 8 red & 2 black (+9 –1 & +9 –11)
  • Player four club5, spade2 =  7 black (+2 +5)
  • Player five heart J, diamond6 =  6½ red (–½  –6)

The round of betting starts with player to dealer’s left. After the round of betting, the dealer offers an extra card to each player. If at least one player takes a card, there is a new round of betting starts with player the player to the left of the one who started the previous betting round - so the second betting round begins 2 positions to dealers left, and so on. The process is repeated until the deck runs out or no player accepts a card.

After a final round of betting, player declare high (black) or low (red) or both by coins held in the fist, placed on the table. No coin = low/red, 1 coin = high/black, 2 coins = both (unlikely). The pot is shared between the player nearest red seven of those who declared red and the nearest to black seven of those who declared black. In case of equality under beats over - for example red 6 (1 under) beats red 8 (1 over). The usual rules for resolving split pots with declare apply.

Last updated: 30th November 2012