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Poker first appeared in America in the early 19th century, by the 20th century it had become America's national card game, and in the 21st century, as a result of tournament publicity and its success as an online game, it has become popular worldwide. The essence of poker is that players bet on who has the best 5-card hand. It is sometimes possible to win even with bad cards, by convincing the other players to drop out rather than match your bets. The poker pages of pagat.com provide an introduction to poker and its many variants, and to poker resources on the web.

Poker Rules

  • Overview of the general rules of poker
  • Further details of betting processes and hand ranking.
  • Links to other sites with poker rules and glossaries.

Online Poker

  • History of online poker and advice on choosing a poker room.

Poker History

  • Analysis of the origins, ancestry and history of poker by games historian, inventor and consultant David Parlett.

Poker Strategy

  • A collection of strategy guides, many of which are devoted to games that are popular online, especially Texas Hold'em.

Poker Variations

  • Classified index of poker variants described on pagat.com.
  • Links to other poker variants collections.

Poker News and Discussion

  • Poker news and information sites, and forums for exchanging poker advice and information.

Live Poker

  • Playing poker around a table, face to face, using actual cards rather than online.
  • Contact players in your area.
  • Casinos and clubs with live poker games and tournaments.

Poker Software

  • Analyse poker probabilities and odds
  • Give advice while playing online.
  • Record and analyse your results
  • Organise home games and leagues
  • Play poker against your home computer.

Poker Equipment and Books

  • Suppliers of poker tables, poker chips and other accessories such as poker themed clothing.
  • Poker book reviews.

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