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Poker Variants: Shared Card Poker

In this type of poker, each player has some private cards, sometimes known as "hole" cards, concealed from the other players, and there are some "shared" or "community" cards dealt face up to the centre of the table or board. These face up cards are available to all players, and each player makes up a five-card poker hand from a combination of private and shared cards. The most famous game of this sort is Texas Hold'em, which became popular as a tournament and online game at the end of the 20th and start of the 21st century, and is now played by many poker players to the exclusion of all other variants. Omaha is another well-known but somewhat less played variant, and there are numerous home poker games based on simlar principles and with various enhancements.

The index below includes both traditional shared card poker variants and invented variants (listed in italics). The game type column shows other categories to which some games also belong. See also the full index of poker variants, which includes an explanation of the categories.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

VariantGame type
2-11 shared high/low split
4-2-3 shared wild match
5 Card Omaha shared
6 Card Omaha shared
8 Game Mix draw shared low high/low split mixed
43 draw shared high/low split
Aces, Straights and Flushes stud shared
Big O [= 5 Card Omaha] shared
Binglao shared
Blind Hold'em shared
Blind Omaha shared
Blue Beacon draw shared
Boise shared high/low split
Box draw shared high/low split
Breaker shared
Buddys Game shared high/low split buy
Celestial Poker [= Sviten Special] draw shared
CHORSE shared low high/low split mixed
CHORSEL draw shared low high/low wild split mixed
Chowaha shared high/low split
Church [= Iron Cross] shared high/low wild split
Cincinnati shared wild split
Circle Jerk shared wild
Cold Omaha shared high/low split
Courchevel shared
Crazy Blind Man shared pass
Crazy Dutchy shared pass
Crazy Pineapple shared
Crazy Pineapple Hi-Lo shared high/low split
Criss Cross [= Iron Cross] shared high/low wild split
Criss Cross [= Tic Tac Toe] shared high/low wild split
Cucamonga shared high/low split
Delaware Stud stud shared
Depot shared
Doogie shared high/low split
Double Elevator shared wild
Double Trouble shared high/low split buy
Double-Edge Trim-Saw shared wild
Egyptian Hold'em shared
Eight Game Mix draw shared low high/low split mixed
El Dorado Hold'em shared wild
Elevator shared high/low split
Estonian Twist shared pass
Five Card Omaha [= 5 Card Omaha] shared
Flaming Cross shared high/low wild split
Forty-Three draw shared high/low split
Four-Two-Three [= 4-2-3] shared wild match
Fred Potato shared
Hearts Poker stud shared pass
HOE shared high/low split mixed
Hollywood Hold'em draw shared
Horn-A-Vika stud shared buy
HORSE shared low high/low split mixed
HOSE shared high/low split mixed
Indian Chief shared
Irish shared
Iron Cross shared high/low wild split
Island Pineapple draw shared wild
Jersey Holdem shared high/low split
Kansas Tornado shared
King's Pot shared buy
KRG shared
Kryky shared high/low wild split
Lame Brain Pete shared wild
Loco shared
Mutual of Omaha shared high/low split buy
Odds and Ends shared wild
Off-Road Stud shared
Oh Shit shared high/low split
Omaha shared
Omaha Hi-Lo Eight or Better shared high/low split
Omaha High shared
Omaha/8 [= Omaha Hi-Lo Eight or Better] shared high/low split
One Man's Trash shared
Pass'Em shared high/low split pass
Piles shared high/low split
Pineapple shared
Ponsi shared high/low buy
Privacy Poker stud shared
Pyramid shared high/low wild split
Pyramid (2) shared high/low split
Rails shared
Real Poker shared high/low split
Round the World shared
Royal Hold'em shared
Ruby Run shared
Russian Roulette shared
Same'Em shared
SHOE shared high/low split mixed
Six Card Omaha [= 6 Card Omaha] shared
Skyscraper Elevator shared wild
Slam-aha shared high/low wild split
Slovak Double Barrel shared
Southern Deuce Hold'em shared wild
Spit in the Ocean draw shared wild
Spots shared high/low split
Stop, Drop and Roll shared
Strobe shared
Suicide Swiss Hold'em shared wild buy
Sviten Special draw shared
Sweet Chariot shared low
Swingo shared
Swiss Hold'em shared buy
Tahoe shared
Tapiola Hold'em shared
Texas Dozen shared
Texas Hold'em shared
Texas Reach Around shared wild buy
Texas Tornado shared
The Bluffs shared high/low split buy
The Game Called 'The' shared
THORSEHA [= Eight Game Mix] draw shared low high/low split mixed
Three-Hole Poker shared
Tic Tac Toe shared high/low wild split
Two Eleven shared high/low split
Vancouver Stud stud shared
Waiting for Godot stud shared
Wichita Hold'em [= Tahoe] shared
Woodstock shared
Wraparound shared
Yukon Hold'em shared
Z shared high/low split


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