Bezique Variations - card game rules

Bezique Variations

This page is part of the Invented Games section of It is a collection of variations of the traditional card game Bezique.

Llechfan Bezique / Marjolet

Contributed by Mal Jones .

In this Bezique variation, three additional combinations are scored. These are borrowed from the French game Marjolet.

  • trump jack and trump queen: 40 points
  • trump jack and non-trump queen: 20 points
  • non-trump sequence (ATKQJ): 100 points

The non-trump sequence belongs to the sequences and marriages category, and after it has been scored the king and queen in it cannot be used for a marriage.

The jack-queen combinations form a new category. The same trump jack cannot be successively combined with more than one queen, nor the same queen with both trump jacks, but either card can be reused in a marriage, sequence or bezique.

Last updated: 22nd September 2020