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The International Playing-Card Society caters for people interested in all aspects of playing-cards, including collecting, playing, and historical research.

Further information related to playing-cards can be found in the International Playing-Card Society FAQ, which includes a section on The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Playing-Cards.

Andy Pollett's Playing-Card Picture Gallery has illustrations on many of the standard regional playing-card patterns used around the world, with much useful historical and general information. There are also sections on early cards and non-standard cards, and some game rules are included.

The Italian site tretre.it included a section on the History of Playing-Cards

Antal Jánoska's site Szerencsés Kártyajárást has information on playing-cards and card games in Hungarian, with German and English versions planned.

The IPCS New Issues pages have a growing collection of reader contributed information about various recently published packs.

Here is an archive copy of Bob Lancaster's Gallery of Unusual Playing-Cards, which included large numbers of links to web sites of playing-card collectors, manufacturers and other relevant information.

Playingcarddecks.com has published a series of articles about playing-cards and their makers and uses.

Home Page > Links to other information > Playing-Cards and Tiles
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