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about playing-cards, tiles and the games played with them

On line card games

Servers through which you can play various games on line against other players. Sites offering specific games can also be found on the relevant game page.

Rules of card and tile games

Sites giving rules of card or domino games in various languages.

Bitmaps, fonts and tools

A small collection of sources for playing-card images, playing card fonts and other aids to card game programming.

Card tricks

Sites with information about card tricks and the equipment needed to perform them.

Card games software

Software for playing card or tile games on your own computer against computer opponents. Software for particular games can also be found on the relevant game page.

Discussion groups

Newsgroups, on-line discussion sites and mailing lists dealing with card games and playing-cards.

Cards, tiles and equipment

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of playing-cards, dominoes and tiles of various types; also of accessories such as scoring boards, chips and tables.


A selection of books providing card game rules and information, with short reviews.

Help for inventors and designers

Custom-made playing-cards, and sites providing help and advice on introducing new games to the market.

Tournaments and Meetings

A selection of sites with information on tournaments and meetings for those interested in playing-cards and card games.

Casinos and Gambling

Sites with information about land-based and online casinos, and about gambling card games in general.

Information about playing-cards

Sites with information about playing-cards and dominoes, their design and history.

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