Links: Card Game Software

This page lists some sources for computer versions of multi-player card games, in which one human player plays against one or more computer opponents. Further programs for specific card games will be found on the pages for those games. Solitaire computer programs are not listed here but on the Solitaire page.

Games4All has published a large number of free card games for the Android platform.

Here are some sources of card game software for handheld computers:

  • The Ultimate Card Games package for the Game Boy Advance by Telegames includes Hearts, Spades, Bridge, Euchre, Cribbage, Canasta, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Poker, Blackjack and a selection of Solitaire and Video Poker games.
  • Seahorse Software produce Crazy Eights, Euchre and Rummy software for the Palm OS, as well as a range of Solitaire games.

The following sites offer selections of freeware and shareware Windows card games for download: