Links: Bitmaps, fonts, programming tools

Oliver Xymoron has drawn some excellent GIFs of international playing-cards which I have used for illustration in some places.

The Pysol site has a large library of playing-card images

Gyula Zsigri has created a True Type Font for Windows, containing suit symbols (French, German, Latin and Swiss) and other playing-card related glyphs.

Quivira is a free Unicode font with symbols for German, Swiss and Spanish suits, Jokers and Mah Jong in Private Use Area E000-E00E.

Ryan Neaveill's free Playing Cards font at DaFONT

Perry Mason's 52PlayingCards font (download 0-9.rar)

Mike Hind's free Magic: The Gathering font at

Neale Davidson's free Magic Cards font at Fonts4Free

Hans Bodlaender's True Type Chess Fonts page

Luc Devroye's links to Playing card fonts and Chess fonts

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