Cuban Card and Domino Games

The card game Brisca, played with a Spanish suited pack of 40 cards, is popular in Cuba, especially in a variant known as Muerte al Tres (kill the three). According to the Brisca Wikipedia page, in this variant a player who captures the 3 of trumps (the second highest trump) with the Ace wins the game. The holder of the Ace of trumps is not allowed to play it before the last trick unless the Three has been played. It the Three of trumps escapes capture the card points are counted in the normal way.

Domino games are popular in Cuba, and are usually played with a double-9 set of 55 tiles.

  • The most usual version is a partnership game (Dominó de parejas) for four players.
  • Longana is a domino game with a cross-shaped layout for 4 individual players.
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