Card games in Ukraine

I am grateful to Vladlen Zeniukov for the information on which this page is based.

The most popular strategic card games in Ukraine are:

  • Preference - similar to the game played in Russia
  • Deberz - a two-player game very similar to Clobyosh
  • King - played with 32 cards - there are a few variations
  • Terz - a jass game for two players
  • Tysiacha (1000) - a trcik-taking game for three players with 24 cards.

Some less serious games played in Ukraine are:

  • Durak ( The Fool ) - played in many variations.
  • Bura - a relatively simple point-trick game in which each player is dealt three cards.
  • Seka - a gambling game with 36 cards, in which the value of a hand is obtained by adding the values of cards in the best suit
  • Nine - a game realted to Fan Tan.
  • Drunkards
  • Witch

Some lesser known games:

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