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Last Chance

Contributed by Ally Weller (

This game is also known as Street Speed.

The starting lay out is like this (all cards are face down in the beginning - figures denote number of cards in each pile):

Objective: to get rid of all your cards first

Play: each player takes 5 cards off the top of their deck (the 15 cards) and puts them in their hand so they can see them) then each player on each side flips over the first top card on their left (face up cards shown in blue, cards in hand in brackets in red):

Next the player puts down a card from their hand on top of the card that is face up. The rank of the played card must be one below, one higher, or the same number (rank) as the card on which it is played, as in Speed. Cards can turn the corner - for example on an ace you can play a two or a king. Players should always keep 5 cards in their hands, drawing a new card from the face-down pile in front of them each time a card is played.

Play is simultaneous - players do not take turns.

If you cannot play any of your five cards, flip the next card from your first stack of 2 face up.

Keep discarding cards in the pile until you have nothing. Then flip the next piles one by one. You cannot go back to previous piles once you flip the next card.

Once you flip all 10 cards in the row you have one last card left (the card to the players right). This is the last chance you have to get rid of all your cards. But if you flip over your last chance card and it doesn't work with the card(s) in your hand, but the other player has not flipped over their last chance card yet, then you lose. So you don't want to reach the last chance card first, because if it turns out to not help you get rid of your cards, then you lose.

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Last updated 8th August 2003