Card games in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Veselko Kelava has provided the following information:

A version of Briškula is played using a 32-card pack: A-10-K-Q-J-9-8-7 in each suit.

Žandari is a fishing game played with a standard 52 card pack, with scores for most cards, most clubs, 2 of clubs and 10 of diamonds, in which a Jack can take all the cards from the table.

Bela is a popular game of the Jass family.

As in many countries, Texas Hold'em Poker has been popular since the end of the 20th century.

Sedmice is a game of the Sedma group, very similar to the Hungarian game Zsírozás, which is also played in other countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Two forms of Rummy are played: Otvoreni Remi (Open Rummy), Zatvoreni Remi (Closed Rummy).

Vatra (Fire) is a variation of Pig.

Tać is a two-player game related to Pishe Pasha.

Ajnc (from german Eins, meaning "one") is a Blackjack-like banking game.

A version of Schnaps is played.

Crna Dama (black lady), also known as Crni Petar (black Peter), is a version of Old Maid.

Magarac (Jackass) is a name that can refer to a variant of Pig very similar to Vatra. It is also sometimes used as an alternative name for Crna Dama, and it is also the name of a game in which players take turns to remove cards from an untidy pile without destroying a Λ-shaped 'house' of two cards which is balanced on top of the pile.