Poker News and Discussion

This page provides a selection of web sites that provide general poker news and information and some online forums in which players can ask and answer questions on all aspects of poker and discuss their poker experiences.

For a good introduction to Poker, refer to the Poker FAQ, which is associated with the newsgroup is the web site of the fortnightly print magazine Card Player. As well as an on line version of the magazine, and an archive of back issues it provides odds calculators, an online poker analyst, a huge forum, and many other resources.

Other useful discussion forums are hosted by Two Plus Two Publishing and the United Poker Forum. has been operating since 2004 and claims to be theoldest poker community still active online. Its main focus is on helping players improve their game.

Steve Badger's Play Winning Poker site offers news, strategies and links to other useful information.

The US Online Poker page of Gaming the Odds has information on the legality of online poker in the US and news on recent developments.

The Pokerology web site has a large collection of poker articles, a free poker school with online tutorials, poker room reviews and an active forum.

Here is the online version of Stan Sludikoff's Poker Player newspaper.

The web site Poker Bankroll Blog publishes articles submitted by readers on a wide range of poker-related topics.

Nick Kisberg's Cardschat forum offers forums for discussion of card games in general and poker games in particular.

Tyler Cruz runs the site, which provides forums for discussion of poker strategy and techniques, along with various other resources such as poker site reviews and a glossary.

NeverwinPoker describes itself as an uncensored poker forum, where all your gossip, unconfirmed stories, and comments about any poker scam or scandal are acceptable and very welcome.

Coinflip is a poker news site with a forum and blogs from poker enthusiasts and professionals including Ilari Sahamies.

Poker News Boy carries poker new and articles on all aspects of poker.

PokerGob is a combination of poker forum and social network site.

The following sites cater for online poker players who use Macintosh computers. Each provides reviews of Macintosh compatible poker rooms, discussion forums, and other relevant resources.

Poker Affiliate World provides information and discussion forums for poker room affiliates - webmasters who advertise poker rooms in return for a commission on the players they introduce.

Here is a selection of substantial poker guides in languages other than English, offering various combinations of rules, strategy advice, news, reviews of online poker rooms, tournament information and other resources.

The Estonian site Pokkeriklubi Tallinn has information in English and several other languages about poker in Estonia and the other Baltic States.