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This page lists a selection of web sites that provide useful information about online poker, often with listings and reviews of online pokers rooms, often accompanied by poker news and information, strategy tips, forums and other resources. Online poker rooms are listed on a separate page, and there are separate pages with general information about poker, and details of its rules and variants.

Pokerlistings is a comprehensive online poker guide and directory with reviews of online poker rooms, information on tournaments, bonuses, rules and strategy, and many other resources. Pokerlistings is also available in Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Italian editions.

The site gives rules and strategy for Texas Hold'em, general advice on on-line poker, and has useful reviews of on-line poker rooms, poker news and a forum.

e Poker Index provides a fairly comprehensive listing of online poker rooms and networks, with reviews of the networks and selected rooms. provides a fairly thorough introduction to Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud and Razz, and reviews some major online poker rooms that offer each of these variants. aims to provide a comprehensive guide to online poker, with reviews of online poker rooms and a collection of articles of poker strategy.

NJ Poker Site reviews online poker rooms operating in New Jersey, USA, where online poker was legalised in November 2013.

Tony G's Poker News site offers rules, reviews of poker rooms, and a poker news service.

Poker for Android specialises in reviewing online poker apps for the Android platform.

The Poker Pistols site has poker rules, strategy guides for beginners and advanced players, comparative reviews of online poker rooms and a forum.

Euro Poker Pro offers advice on Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) strategy, plus online poker room reviews and recommendations, and information on professional poker players and tournaments.

The Poker Pulse site offers live statistics of the numbers of people playing in various on-line poker sites. is a portal with online poker rooms reviews, plus information on poker tournaments, poker variants and other resources.

Nick Mitchell's Poker Websites is a directory of online poker rooms and other poker web sites with various types of resources. The sites are reviewed and classified according to games offered, operating system, traffic and other relevant criteria.

Loui Levino's provides reviews of online poker rooms concentrating on criteria of particular interest such as size, acceptance of US players, Mac compatibility, easy competition, quality of software and so on. has reviews of recommended online poker rooms in various countries, and where particular poker variants can be played.

Poker for Free specialises in providing information on playing free online poker - prize tournaments with no entry fee (freerolls) and rooms that offer bonus money with which to play without an initial deposit. Here you can also find poker rules, advice on strategy, news, reviews of poker rooms and books, and many other resources. Available in English, Dutch, German and Italian.

Poker Fieber is a German language poker guide with rules and strategy articles as well as reviews of online poker rooms. is a Polish language site with online poker room reviews, guides to poker rules and strategy, news and other resources. is a large Danish language poker forum and portal.

MJ's Party Poker Playing Guide offers information and help for players who use the Party Poker online poker room.

The Poker Works site provides online poker room reviews, a tournament calendar, and strategy articles. It features a blog kept by Linda R.Geenen, a professional dealer at the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. provides reviews of major online poker sites, while specialises in UK sites that operate in £ Sterling.

The Poker Ranking site provides useful reviews, details and ratings of a wide range of poker rooms, as well as poker rules, tips and links.

Online Poker Room Reviews provides independent reviews of a selection of online poker rooms, plus various resources such as rules, news articles and odds calculators.

Max Poker Bonus was originally developed to review online poker sites with the best introductory bonus offers. It now also carries poker news, and offers an odds calculator and other poker tools.