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These are the game rules pages that had most visitors in each of the last three months - see notes for further details. The top 5 pages for the most recent month are listed on the home page.

RankDec 21Nov 21Oct 21
1 Shithead Golf Shithead
2 Golf Shithead Golf
3 Crazy Eights Spades Crazy Eights
4 President Crazy Eights Spades
5 Gin Rummy Gin Rummy Blackjack
6 Spades Hand and Foot Gin Rummy
7 Rummy (Basic) Rummy 500 Canasta
8 Canasta Canasta Hand and Foot
9 Hand and Foot Rummy (Basic) Rummy (Basic)
10 Rummy 500 Blackjack President

Pages with Recent Interest

These are pages that have had a notable increase in visitors in each of the last three months, relative to the average number of visitors in previous months - see notes for further details. The top 5 pages with increased visits in the latest month are shown on the home page.

RankDec 21Nov 21Oct 21
1 President Tripoli / Rummoli Kaiserspiel
2 Shithead Teen Patti Karnöffel
3 Tripoli / Rummoli Quitlok / Kvitlech Prisoners
4 Oh Hell! Three Thirteen Rummy Crazy Eights
5 Golf Huutopussi Marriage (Rummy)
6 Fast Track Golf Regicide
7 Krypkasino Marriage (Rummy) Tricks'N'Trumps
8 Crazy Eights Spitzer Karnöffel Group
9 Three Thirteen Rummy Crazy Eights Suppliers of Cards and Equipment
10 Canasta Prisoners Blackjack

Editor's Choice

Recommendations from the editor (i.e. me - John McLeod). These are games that I have enjoyed playing, and which you may find worth trying if you are looking for something different to play.

Băo Huáng (保皇)
Chinese climbing game for 5 players: the emperor and eunuch play as partners against a team of 3 common people. The eunuch is the holder of a particular card whose location may be unknown to the other players until the eunuch plays it.
This Swedish game for 2-6 players is a reverse form of Casino. There are penalty points for playing a card that captures a matching card or set of cards from the table, and a large penalty for clearing the table.
Finnish partnership game for 4 players. A point-trick game with bidding in which the trump suit is set or changed by declaring marriages.
All Fives (dominoes)
An American two-player cross domino game in which players score for making the ends of the layout add up to a multiple of 5.
Spite and Malice
American game for two in which players compete to play their cards in numerical sequence to foundation piles. The skill is in the management of the reserve piles where currently unplayable cards are stored.
A sociable game from Bavaria and the Tyrol with many opportunities for bluff. It is best for 4 players but also playable by 2 or 3. The South Tyrolean variant 'Blind Watten' in which trumps are chosen secretly is especially interesting.
Gong Zhu (拱猪)
An enhanced version of Hearts played in China in which penalty cards can be exposed in advance to double their effects and with special roles for the Jack of Diamonds and Ten of Clubs.
Spanish fishing game with 40 cards for 2-4 players. Cards are captured by making sets that add up to 15.
Dutch domino game for 2 to 5 players in which after the deal the loser of the previous hand chooses the rules from a large range of options: ordinary or matador matching, single line or cross, and various extra conditions can be selected.
Unusual game for 4-10 players from Cleveland, Ohio in which cards are played two at a time, and before each trick players bid according to the number of points they think they can capture.
Popular Czech game for 2 or 4 players in which tricks are won by playing a card equal to the lead or a seven. The objective is to capture aces and tens.
This four-player partnership game with 40 cards, combining features of Briscola and Tressette, is popular in Venice and the surrounding region.

Recently Added Pages

These are the new pages most recently added to the website. See also the what's new page for a periodic survey of major additions and modifications to the site, and the site map for a complete list of pages showing when each was last updated.

9 Dec 21Baloot
13 Oct 21Tattare / Tjuv
1 Oct 21Lungau Königrufen
8 Sep 21Knock Rummy
19 Aug 21Best 2-player games
24 Jun 21Cuba
4 Jun 21Haiti
3 Jun 21Petrangola
3 Jun 21Joker
25 May 21Filicău
18 May 21Sap Ng Wu
10 May 21French Dominoes
2 May 21Seven of Diamonds
2 May 21Swingo Poker
1 May 21Skuck
25 Apr 21Sasaki
9 Apr 21Tartli (Hungarian)
30 Mar 21Bisca
18 Mar 21Longana
18 Mar 21Stop the Bus


The tables of popular pages and pages with recent interest are based on the number of visitors in a month, estimated on the basis of the number of different hosts (IP addresses) requesting the page. The 'popular pages' table includes only English language pages containing game rules, while the 'recent interest' table covers all English language pages that have existed for at least six months.

To find pages that have recently become more popular, the expected number of visitors per month is estimated on the basis of the previous 5 months, and compared to the number for the current month. The calculation is as follows:

  1. For each English language page, for each month, the number of different hosts visiting the page (h) is divided by the total number of hosts visiting pagat.com that month (t). This normalisation is to correct for seasonal fluctuations in the total number of page views: it probably does not make much difference to the result.
  2. We model visits to a page as a Poisson process, and use the average of h/t for the previous 5 months to estimate its rate.
  3. Assuming this Poisson process, we use the Chernoff bound to estimate the probablity that h/t for the current month is greater than or equal to the observed value. Thanks to Niall Cardin for drawing our attention to this approximation.
  4. We rank the pages in order of this probability. The lower the probability, the more remarkable it is that so many hosts visited the page in the latest month.
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