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These are the game rules pages that had most visitors in each of the last three months - see notes for further details. The top 5 pages for the most recent month are listed on the home page.

RankOct 20Sep 20Aug 20
1 Spades Spades Spades
2 Shithead Cheat / Bullshit / I doubt It Cheat / Bullshit / I doubt It
3 Cheat / Bullshit / I doubt It Golf Golf
4 Golf Shithead Shithead
5 Gin Rummy Rummy (Basic) President
6 President President Rummy (Basic)
7 Rummy (Basic) Gin Rummy Crazy Eights
8 Crazy Eights Blackjack Blackjack
9 Blackjack Crazy Eights Rummy 500
10 Hand and Foot Rummy 500 Gin Rummy

Pages with Recent Interest

These are pages that have had a notable increase in visitors in each of the last three months, relative to the average number of visitors in previous months - see notes for further details. The top 5 pages with increased visits in the latest month are shown on the home page.

RankOct 20Sep 20Aug 20
1 Gin Rummy Spades Split Pot Poker Variants
2 Bieten Horse Race (cards) President
3 Hand and Foot Shit Head / Cut Throat Shithead
4 Watten 3-2-5 Cheat / Bullshit / I doubt It
5 Pain Pain Mexican Train
6 Zwicker President Spades
7 Shit Head / Cut Throat Nomination Whist Broadway
8 Marriage (Rummy) Hand and Foot Tricks'N'Trumps
9 3-2-5 Gin Rummy Pontoon
10 Tarok (Danish) Pegs and Jokers Nomination Whist

Editor's Choice

Recommendations from the editor (i.e. me - John McLeod). These are games that I have enjoyed playing, and which you may find worth trying if you are looking for something different to play.

Lively game from the Netherlands, often played for drinks. There are no trumps and the aim is to win the last of four tricks, or to bet that you can win it and convince the other players to fold.
This four-player fishing game from Schleswig-Holstein has great scope for strategy and partnership cooperation. It features high value jokers and building by subtraction as well as addition. It is a pity it is so little known.
Tarot (French)
Over the past 50 years, Tarot has become one of the most popular card games in France, played at home, in clubs and in regional and national tournaments.
A two-player game in which the aim is to be the first to 66 points by taking tricks and declaring marriages. It is very popular in Austria where large tournaments are held. Related games are played in several other European countries.
A two-dimensional domino game for four players by Clark D. Rodeffer, in which points are scored for matching adjacent dominoes.
Sidi Barrani (Jass)
An enhanced version of the popular Swiss card game Schieber Jass for four players in partnerships. In Sidi Barrani there is an auction to determine the trump suit, Obenabe or Undenufe and the card points target for the bidders.
Popular game from Ecuador for 2-4 players in which equal cards and sequences are captured by matching or addition from a layout on the table.
This four-player trick-taking game, played in and around Poznań in Poland, uses just 16 cards - the aces, tens, queens and jacks of a standard pack. It's not a simple game, but once you know how to play it, it is very quick.
A popular Swedish game for three players. In the first phase players collect cards by taking tricks; in the second phase they try to get rid of those cards by beating the opponents' cards, the last player with cards being the loser.
Variously known as Clobyosh, Kalabrias, Klabberjass or Bela, this is widely acknowledged as one of the most skilful two-player card games.
Austrian Tarock game for 4 with a large choice of contracts. In some the bidder plays alone, in others the bidder chooses a partner by calling a king.
African Casino
The unusual versions of Casino played in Swaziland and Lesotho allow players to steal cards from their opponents' capture piles to help with building.

Recently Added Pages

These are the new pages most recently added to the website. See also the what's new page for a periodic survey of major additions and modifications to the site, and the site map for a complete list of pages showing when each was last updated.

31 Oct 20Auction Pinochle (3-player)
17 Oct 20Xiang Shi Fu
13 Sep 20Jjak-mat-chu-gi
10 Sep 20Game to Lose
8 Sep 20Mariglia
23 Aug 20Bandar Q
9 Aug 20Andar Bahar
5 Aug 20Bruus
20 Jul 20Brus
15 Jul 20Domino Solitaires and Puzzles
5 Jul 20Train Family
5 Jul 20Domino Games - Other Matching Rules
3 Jul 20Miscellaneous Domino Games
3 Jul 20Domino Games with Pattern Scoring
2 Jul 20Domino Partition Games
2 Jul 20Domino Stack Games
1 Jul 20Domino Games with Bergen Scoring
1 Jul 20Domino Games with a Disconnected Layout
30 Jun 20Domino Adding Games
30 Jun 20Domino Grid Games


The tables of popular pages and pages with recent interest are based on the number of visitors in a month, estimated on the basis of the number of different hosts (IP addresses) requesting the page. The 'popular pages' table includes only English language pages containing game rules, while the 'recent interest' table covers all English language pages that have existed for at least six months.

To find pages that have recently become more popular, the expected number of visitors per month is estimated on the basis of the previous 5 months, and compared to the number for the current month. The calculation is as follows:

  1. For each English language page, for each month, the number of different hosts visiting the page (h) is divided by the total number of hosts visiting pagat.com that month (t). This normalisation is to correct for seasonal fluctuations in the total number of page views: it probably does not make much difference to the result.
  2. We model visits to a page as a Poisson process, and use the average of h/t for the previous 5 months to estimate its rate.
  3. Assuming this Poisson process, we use the Chernoff bound to estimate the probablity that h/t for the current month is greater than or equal to the observed value. Thanks to Niall Cardin for drawing our attention to this approximation.
  4. We rank the pages in order of this probability. The lower the probability, the more remarkable it is that so many hosts visited the page in the latest month.
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