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Advertising on pagat.com

Sponsorship Scheme

Our research and development projects benefit particularly from the generous assistance of our individual patrons and corporate partners. Where regular payments over an agreed threshold have been made, the partner may be acknowledged in an appropriate location within the editorial content of the site. This acknowledgement will include a dofollow link to the partner’s domain. There may be up to four partner links on a sponsored page.

The pages currently available for sponsorship are given in the table below. This information is regularly updated. The page view stats are derived from our own log file analysis.

Sponsored PagePrice: US$
per month
Av monthly
page views
Nov 22 to Apr 23

Language: English

Home Page 800 107167 sold out https://www.pagat.com/
Blackjack 300 4261 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/blackjack.html
Gin Rummy 100 10841 sold out https://www.pagat.com/rummy/ginrummy.html
Rummy (Basic) 100 20018 sold out https://www.pagat.com/rummy/rummy.html
Teen Patti 100 5381 now https://www.pagat.com/vying/teen_patti.html
Casino 200 4026 now https://www.pagat.com/fishing/casino.html
Poker Rules 200 2020 now https://www.pagat.com/poker/rules/
Poker 200 1479 now https://www.pagat.com/poker/
Baccarat 200 1450 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/baccarat.html
Andar Bahar 100 1232 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/andar_bahar.html
Gambling 200 821 now https://www.pagat.com/gambling/
Gambling and Casino resources 100 372 now https://www.pagat.com/gambling/links.html
Tournament Blackjack 200 332 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/tournament_blackjack.html
Video Poker 200 168 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/video_poker.html

Language: German

Durak 80 5934 now https://www.pagat.com/de/beating/durak.html
Blackjack 80 2119 now https://www.pagat.com/de/banking/blackjack.html
Home 150 1703 sold out https://www.pagat.com/de/
Casino 80 1364 now https://www.pagat.com/de/fishing/casino.html
Poker Regeln 80 1242 now https://www.pagat.com/de/poker/rules/
Poker 80 267 now https://www.pagat.com/de/poker/

Language: Italian

Blackjack 80 328 sold out https://www.pagat.com/it/banking/blackjack.html
Giochi d'azzardo 80 91 now https://www.pagat.com/it/gambling/

Language: Spanish

Blackjack (español) 80 1328 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/blackjack_es.html

Language: Swedish

Blackjack (Svenska) 80 155 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/blackjack_sv.html
Spel om pengar 80 80 now https://www.pagat.com/gambling/index_sv.html

Language: Danish

Blackjack (Dansk) 80 482 now https://www.pagat.com/banking/blackjack_da.html

Language: Norwegian

Gambling (Norsk) 80 67 now https://www.pagat.com/gambling/index_no.html

Language: Finnish

Blackjack (suomi) 80 238 now https://www.pagat.com/fi/gambling/blackjack.html
Pokerin säännöt 80 214 now https://www.pagat.com/fi/pokeri/saanot/
Rahapelaaminen 80 116 now https://www.pagat.com/fi/gambling/

Destination URLs are restricted to web pages only, i.e. not to audio, video or other forms of download. The containing paragraph will be in the form of a short statement stating something about the site’s content and its editors or publishers, but avoiding an advertising style. The exact wording will be written by our editor and site owner, John McLeod. He will of course be influenced by the sponsor’s wishes, particularly with regard to anchor text, but he will do his own research on the site.
All prices are shown excluding VAT, which will be payable on orders at the appropriate rates where applicable.

Banner ads

Each page can have one banner ad at the top centre as illustrated at the top of this page. Animated banners are acceptable provided they do not include rapid flashing. For banner ad prices, please enquire to may.walker@pagat.com.

We can display banner ads of different sizes, depending on the width of the browser window. This allows the best performing 728x90 banners on larger desktop screens and taller banners on smartphone screens. The sizes supported are:-


If the smaller sizes are not supplied, then the larger ad will be scaled down to fit the banner area.

Minimum and maximum order size and run

The normal minimum buy for ad campaigns is 6 months, but shorter campaigns are possible for orders over $500. The maximum run is 12 months before renewal.


After an order has been placed and the ads checked, a detailed invoice will be issued. The spaces booked are reserved for 7 days from the date of issue of the invoice, and the ads will be placed on the site once payment had been confirmed. We accept payments through PayPal or bank transfer in US dollars, euros or UK pounds. We are automatically informed of payments through PayPal, but if other methods of payment are used, please let us know when you think the payment has gone through so that we can check for it. Invoices are normally issued in US dollars, but we are happy to quote in UK pounds or euros if requested.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

All customers must provide a verifiable business address.

Customers from the UK and Isle of Man will be charged VAT at the standard rate. Customers from elsewhere within the European Union will not be charged VAT if they supply their VAT Registration number (including country prefix). Otherwise they will be charged at the standard rate as applicable in their country of business. Customers from elsewhere in the world will not be charged VAT.

Price reviews

Insertion rates may be reviewed and changed at any time. Insertions already paid for are not affected by price reviews (either up or down).


We will give notice up to one month prior to the end of a campaign, and advise the current renewal price. Customers have 1 week in which to inform us if they wish to renew their campaign at the latest prices. If we receive no information during that period, the spaces will be released for general sale. All insertions will run up to their full paid-for period.

For any other enquiries please contact our website manager May Walker (may.walker@pagat.com)

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