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Card Games for Five Players

This is the full index. For a selection of recommended games see best 5-player games.

Games for Five Players

This is a list of traditional card and tile games that are designed for or work well with five players. Each game is listed just once - for alternative names see the general alphabetical index. For each game the configuration of players and the type and number of cards or tiles is listed. There is an explanation of the symbols below the table.

Abyssinia Poker   52 individual
Ace-To-Six Lowball (Draw) Poker   52 individual
Aces, Straights and Flushes Poker   52 individual
Agram   31, 35 individual
All for One and One for All Poker   52 individual
Andar Bahar   52 banker
Animals   52 individual
Arlington   2x52 individual
Auction Poker   52 individual
Authors  Quartet cards 32, 42, 44, 52 individual
Baccarat Punto Banco   6x52 banker
Baccarat à Deux Tableaux Baccarat Banque   3x52 banker
Backstab Fish   2x52+4J individual
Badugi   52 individual
Băo Huáng 保皇   4x40+8J, 4x52+8J alliance
Bartok   52 individual
Baseball Poker   52 individual
Bastard Brag   52 individual
Bestia    40 individual
Bieten   33 individual
Big A 打大A   2x52+4J alliance
Billitonnen   28 individual
Binglao poker   52 individual
Biriba Μπιρίμπα   3x52+6J alliance
Bitch, The Poker   52 individual
Black Mariah Poker   52 individual
Blackjack 21   6x52 banker
Bluff   52 individual
Bonanza Pai Gow   32 banker
Boonaken   32 individual
Brag 3 card   52 individual
Brag 4 card   52 individual
Brag 5 card   52 individual
Briscola   32 individual
Briscola Chiamata    40 alliance
Buddha's Folly Poker   52 individual
Bullshit   52 individual
Burro   40, 48 individual
Buy Your Card / Substitution Poker   52 individual
Calcutta Horse Race   52 individual
California Lowball Poker   52, 52+J individual
Cambio Golf   52, 52+2J individual
Cangkul   52, 52+J individual
Cap-It   3x52+6J individual
Card Bingo   52, 2x52 individual | banker
Caribbean Stud Poker   52 banker
Carousel   2x52+2J individual
Casino Hold'em Poker   52 banker
Cau Robat   40 individual
Chicago Poker   52 individual
Chicken Foot   55 individual
CHORSE Poker   52 individual
CHORSEL Poker   52 individual
Cincinnati Poker   52 individual
Clag   52 individual
Contract Rummy   2x52+4J, 3x52+6J individual
Coteccio   40 individual
Courchevel poker   52 individual
Cowpie Poker   52 individual
Crazy Eights   52 individual
Crazy Eights Countdown   52 individual
Crazy Pineapple Poker   52 individual
Crazy Pineapple Hi-Lo Poker   52 individual
Crazy Rummy   52, 2x52 individual
Crazy Solo   35 alliance
Cucumber   52, 52+2J individual
Cyprus   55 individual
Dai Fugō   52+J individual
Dakota Poker   52 individual
Dealer's Choice Poker   52 individual
Democracy   48 individual
Deuces & Jacks & the Man with the Axe Poker   52 individual
Diablo Poker   52 individual
Dirty Schultz Poker   52 individual
Do Ya Poker   52 individual
Dobbm   36 alliance [1]
Domino Twenty-One   28 banker
Donkey South Indian   52 individual
Doppelkopf   2x20, 2x24 alliance [1]
Double Briškula   32 individual
Double Draw Poker   52 individual
Earl of Coventry   52 individual
Egyptian Ratscrew   52 individual
Eight Game Mix Poker   52 individual
Eleusis   3x52, 4x52 individual
Elevator Poker   52 individual
Eléwénjewé   52, 52+2J individual
Encaje   40 individual
English Stud Poker   52 individual
Fan Tan   52 individual
Fapfap   35 individual
Farmers' Rummy   3x52+6J individual
Faro   52 banker
Ferbli   32 individual
Filkó   30 alliance
Five Card Draw Deuces Wild Poker   52 individual
Five Card Draw Poker   52 individual
Five Card Draw with a Bug Poker   52+J individual
Five Card Stud Poker   52 individual
Five Card Stud High-Low Poker   52 individual
Five Card Stud High-Low With a Buy Poker   52 individual
Follow The Queen Poker   52 individual
Football Poker   52 individual
Fortune Rummy   2x52 individual
Game, Flip, Flop   52 individual
Gān Dèng Yǎn 干瞪眼   52+2J, 2x52+4J individual
Gaple   28 individual
Générala   52+2J individual
Getaway   52 individual
Gnav Cuckoo cardsCuckoo pieces 42 individual
Go Fish   52 individual
Go Stop   48+5J individual [2]
Golden Ten   56 individual
Golf   52, 2x52 individual
Golf Eight Card   2x52, 2x52+4J individual
Golf Four Card   52 individual
Golf Nine Card   2x52, 2x52+4J individual
Golf Six Card   2x52, 2x52+4J individual
Gong Zhu 拱猪   50 individual
Gonin-Kan   52+J alliance
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Poker   52 individual
Grocery Store Dots Poker   52 individual
Guadalupe   2x52 individual
Guiñote   40 individual
Guts   52 individual
Hachi-Hachi   48 individual [2]
Hand and Foot   6x52+12J individual
Happy Families  Quartet cards 44, 52 individual
Have a Heart Poker   52 individual
Henway Poker   52 individual
High Card Pool   52 individual
HOE Poker   52 individual
Hollywood Garbage   2x52 individual
Honest John   55 individual
Hoola   52 individual
HORSE Poker   52 individual
Horse Race cards   52 banker
Hosa Aba   36 individual
HOSE Poker   52 individual
Howdy Doody Poker   52 individual
I Doubt It!   52 individual
In Between   52 individual | banker
Indian Poker   52 individual
Irish Poker   52 individual
Irish Snap   52 individual
Iron Cross Poker   52 individual
Italian Dominoes   28 individual
Italian Poker   36 individual
Jack the Shifter Poker   52 individual
Jacks Back (5 Card Draw) Poker   52, 52+J individual
Jacks or Better (5 Card Draw) Poker   52 individual
Jeu de Carte Sipa   31 individual
Jhyap Yaniv   52, 52+2J individual
Joker Karo   2x52+4J individual
Juse   52 individual
K'ap Tái Shap   8x32 individual
Kalooki Caribbean   2x52+4J individual
Kaluki European / North American   2x52+2J individual
Kaluki South Africa   2x52+4J individual
Kan   52+J alliance
Kansas City Lowball Poker   52 individual
Kapaga   52+2J individual
Katti   52 banker
Kings Corners   52 individual
Kluft   52+2J individual
Knock Rummy   52 individual
Knock-Out Whist   52 individual
Knüffeln   48 alliance
Koira   52 individual
Königrufen Lungau Tarock   54 alliance [1]
Königrufen Tarock   54 alliance [1]
Krypkasino   2x52 individual
Krypkille Cuckoo cards 42 individual
Kvitlech Quitli cards 24 banker
Lame Brain Pete Poker   52 individual
Lansquenet   6x52 banker
Last One   52+2J individual
Laugh and Lie Down   52 individual
Let It Ride   52 banker
Loba Argentina   2x52+4J individual
Loba de Mas   2x52+4J individual
Loba de Menos   2x52+4J individual
London Lowball (7-card Stud) Poker   52 individual
Loo   52 individual
Losing Loadum   52 individual
Low Chicago Poker   52 individual
Low Hole Poker   52 individual
Lowball (5 Card Stud) Poker   52 individual
Lowball (Draw) Poker   52 individual
Machiavelli   2x52 individual
Mambassa   40 individual
Maniglia   40 alliance
Manipulation Rummy   2x52 individual
Mao   2x52, 3x52 individual
Marriage Rummy   3x52 individual
Mattis   52 individual
Maw   52 individual
Mexican Stud Poker   52 individual
Mexican Sweat Poker   52 individual
Mexican Train   91 individual
Michigan   52 individual
Mighty   52+J alliance
Mississippi Mud Poker   52 individual
Mustamaija   52 individual
Nap   28, 32, 52 alliance
Napalm   52 individual
Napoleon Japanese   52, 52+J alliance
New Canasta   6x52+12J individual
Night Baseball Poker   52 individual
Ninety-Eight   52, 52+2J individual
Ninety-Nine adding game   2x52 individual
NLK   36 individual
No Peek Poker   52 individual
Nobble   52 individual
Nos   28 individual
Ogórek Cucumber   52 individual
Oh Hell!   52 individual
Old Maid  Old Maid cards 43, 51 individual
Omaha Poker individual
Omaha Hi-Lo Eight or Better Poker   52 individual
Omaha High Poker   52 individual
One Arm Joe   28 individual
One Hundred adding game   52 individual
Page One   52+J individual
Pai Gow 牌九   32 banker
Pai Gow Poker   52+J banker
Pâi Hông ไพ่ห้อง   52 individual
Paiute   52 individual
Panguingue   8x40 individual
Paskahousu   52+J individual
Pass The Trash Poker   52 individual
Pawnee 10-point Call Partner Pitch   52+2J alliance
Pelmanism   52 individual
Petrangola   40 individual
Pig   52, 52+J individual
Pineapple Poker   52 individual
Pip-Pip!   2x52 individual
Pitch   52 individual
Poch   32 individual
Podrida   52 individual
Poker Bull   52, 52+2J individual
Poker Menteur   52 individual
Pokerize   2x52+2J individual
Polignac   30 individual
Polish Red Dog   52 banker
Pontoon   52 banker
Pope Joan   51 individual
Pöytäpaska   52+J individual
President   52, 52+2J individual
Price is Right, The Poker   52 individual
Primero    40 individual
Progressive Badugi   52 individual
Progressive Badugi with a Buy   52 individual
Proter   52 individual
Psycho Poker   52 individual
Púkk   40 individual
Push Poker   52 individual
Pyramid Poker   52 individual
QiuQiu   28 individual
Quan Dui 全對 Money cards 120 individual
Quartett  Quartet cards 32 individual
Racehorse Pitch   52 individual
Ramino Pokerato carioca   2x52+4J individual
Ramino Pokerato con Jolly immaginario   2x52 individual
Ramino Pokerato con rilancio   2x52+4J individual
Ramsli   32 individual
Razz   52 individual
Ribs   2x32 individual
ROE Poker   52 individual
Roll Your Own Poker   52 individual
Round the World Poker   52 individual
Rummy basic   52 individual
Rummy Indian   2x52+2J individual
Rummy 500   2x52, 2x52+4J individual
Ruotsalainen paskahousu   52+J individual
Russian Poker   52 banker
Sam Sip ผสมสิบ   52, 52+3J individual
San Francisco Poker   52 individual
Scala Quaranta   2x52+4J individual
Scat   52 individual
Schwimmen   32 individual
Second Hand High Poker   52 individual
Selection / Rejection Poker   52 individual
Sequence Poker   52 individual
Seven Bridge   52 individual
Seven Card Stud Poker   52 individual
Seven Card Stud High-Low Poker   52 individual
Seven Card Stud with Wild Cards Poker   52 individual
Seven Twenty-Seven   52 individual
Seven-card Regrets Poker   52 individual
Shanghai   2x52 individual
Sheepshead   32 alliance
Shichi Narabe   52, 52+J individual
Shithead   52 individual
Shlla'at شَلَّعَت   52+2J individual
SHOE Poker   52 individual
Shoot   52 banker
Shoot Pontoon   52 banker
Sink-Sink   35 individual
Sipa Togo   31, 32 individual
Siwweschrööm   32 individual
Skin   52 banker
Slabberjan Cuckoo pieces 42 individual
Slapjack   52 individual
Slippery Sam   52 banker
Smear   44+J, 52+2J alliance
Snap   52 individual
Snip Snap Snorum   52 individual
Sökö Stud Poker   52 individual
Spar   35 individual
Speculation   52 individual
Spit in the Ocean Poker   52 individual
Spoons Eights   2x52 individual
Staekske Rape   32 partnership [1]
Stop the Bus   52 individual
Stortok   36 individual
Strip Poker   52 individual
Substitution Poker   52 individual
Sueca Italiana   40 alliance
Sviten Special   52 individual
Sweet Chariot Poker   52 individual
Swingo Poker   52 individual
Tahiti   2x52+4J individual
Tahoe Poker   52 individual
Tàihé A Bāo 泰和A包   40 alliance
Tarok Slovenian   54 alliance [1]
Tarokk Hungarian   42 alliance [1]
Tarokk Illustrated Hungarian   42 alliance [1]
Taroky Czech   54 alliance [1]
Tarot French   78 alliance
Tau Ngau   32 banker
Teen Patti   52 individual
Telesina   36 individual
Ten-Card Regrets Poker   52 individual
Texas Hold'em Poker   52 individual
Texas Hold'em Bonus   52 banker
Three Card Poker   52 banker
Three Five Seven Poker   52 individual
Three-Thirteen Rummy   3x52, 3x52+6J individual
Tic Tac Toe Poker   52 individual
Tiddly-Wink American   28 individual
Tiddly-Wink British   28 individual
Tjuv   36 individual
Toepen   32 individual
Toonerville Rook   5x56+5J individual
Toruro   40 individual
Tournament Blackjack   52, 6x52 banker
Trains   55, 91 individual
Traversone    40 individual
Trees Poker   52 individual
Tres y Dos   52 individual
Trionfo Beccaccino   40 alliance
Triple Draw Poker   52 individual
Tripoli   52 individual
Trips to Win (5 Card Draw) Poker   52 individual
Troggu   62 alliance
Tuppenny Ha'penny Loo   28 individual
Turkish Poker   36 individual
Tute cabrero   40 individual
Tute gana-pierde   40 individual
Tuxedo   40 individual
Twenty-Six   2x52+4J individual
Twenty-Two   52 individual
Twist'em Dominoes   28 banker
Two plus One Poker   52 individual
Uke-Shogi   40 individual
Valepaska   52+J individual
Vändåtta   52 individual
Vändtia   52 individual
Vatikan   2x52+2J individual
Vatra   52, 52+J individual
Vazhushal   2x52+4J individual
Verish' Ne Verish'   52 individual
Vier-Anderle   38 individual
Viuda, La   52 individual
Wall Street Poker   52 individual
Whisky Poker   52 individual
Whist Romanian   40 individual
Whot ® British Whot cards 49+4J individual
Whot ® Nigerian Whot cards 49+5J individual
Woolworth Poker   52 individual
Yukon Hold'em Poker   52 individual
Z Poker   52 individual
Zecchinetta    40 banker
Zhăo Péngyou 找朋友   2x52+4J alliance
Zhēng Fēn 挣分   52+2J individual
Zhēng Shàngyóu 争上游   52+2J individual
Zifuli Cuckoo cards 40 alliance
4-2-2 Poker   52 individual
4-2-3 Poker   52 individual
5 Card Omaha poker   52 individual
6 Card Omaha poker   52 individual
6-card Brag   52 individual
7-card Brag   52 individual
   40 banker
9-card Brag   52 individual
25   52 individual
31 Dutch   32 individual
31 Greek   52 banker
31 showdown   52 individual
41 Exchange   52 individual
55   52 alliance
110   52 alliance
220   52 alliance
5000 Rummy   2x48, 2x48+4J, 2x52, 2x52+4J, 3x48, 3x52, 3x52+6J individual

Explanation of symbols


  • Individual. There are no teams. All players play for themselves and against the others.
  • Partnership. The players are divided into fixed teams. This is unusual with five players as the teams have to be unequal, for example three against two.
  • Alliance. Temporary teams (alliances) are formed during the game, either three against two or one against four. Usually the teams are set by the bidding or by the location of certain cards. The teams generally change from deal to deal, so although players will need to co-operate with their partners, ultimately everyone plays for themselves.
  • Sitting Out. A number in brackets [1] indicates players who do not take a full part in the game, but may have minor duties such as dealing the cards, fetching the beer or making the tea. Players generally take turns to sit out. Alliance games with four active players often work well in this format.
  • Banker. One player is the banker, and the other players play against the banker, rather than against each other. Many casino games have this format, with a representative of the house playing as the banker. In home games, the role of banker usually passes from player to player, so that everyone has an opportunity to be the bank.


This column indicates the type of cards or tiles needed. See the equipment section of the classified index for further details of the different designs.


This column gives the number of cards in the deck, indicates where multiple decks are used, and the number of jokers. Where the game can be played with various sizes or numbers of decks, perhaps depending on the number of players, the possibilities are listed, separated by commas. For example, "2x32" means a double 32-card deck: 64 cards in all with two copies of each card. "52+2J" means a 52-card deck with two jokers. "32, 36" means the game can be played with 32 or 36 cards. "2x52+2J, 3x52+3J" means that the game can be played with two 52-card decks plus two jokers (106 cards) or three 52-card decks plus three 52-card decks plus three jokers (159 cards).

Possible for Five Players

Here is a list of other traditional card and tile games that can be played by five players. These are games that although possible for five, are not particularly recommended, since they work better with some other number of players.

Albastini   36 individual
Amerikaner   50, 52, 52+2J alliance
Bouillotte   24 individual
Bourré   52 individual
Bura   32, 36 individual
Canadian Salad   50 individual
Candyman   52 alliance
Carioca   2x52+4J individual
Concentration Dominoes   28 individual
Crates   52 individual
Cucù Cuckoo cards 40 individual
Down and Back   52 individual
Durak Perevodnoy   36 individual
Durak Podkidnoy   36 individual
Durak Severnyi   36 individual
Fast Track   5x52+10J individual
Five Hundred   52+J alliance
Four of a Kind   52 individual
Freeze Out Dominoes   28 individual
Hearts   52 individual
Joker   36, 34+2J, 36+2J individual
Kingen   50 individual
Kozel   36 individual
Lupfen   20 individual
Matador   55, 91 individual
Mulle   2x52 individual
Ninety-Nine trick-taking   60 individual
Pan Polish   24 individual
Racing Demon   5x52 individual
Samba   3x52+6J individual
Simultaneous Solitaire   5x52 individual
Skitgubbe   52 individual
Spot   52 individual
Tonk   52 individual
Top Trumps Top Trumps cards 48 individual
Trash   3x52 individual
Tri Palki три палки   36 individual
Troccas   78 individual
Two Hundred   40 alliance
Yukon   52 individual
32-card Poker   32 individual
51 Chinese   52, 52+2J individual
51 Japanese   52, 52+J, 52+2J individual
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